Where's Tony? I dunno! but I think he will be on channel 23!
Went to the TV launching of Where's Tony!? at greenbelt 4 last night with my brigade. it was open bar but we only had few drinks for the drinks were to strong XS~~ then wen't to Seattles best to just hang around then went to Coffee Bean to chill and talk about private stuffs haha it was actually weird cuz we wr so loud haha.

went back to the party and boy was it already packed with foreigners! XD yep lets say on the spot 75% are foreigner and 25% filipinos haha dame, haha and this guy just came to us and offered us vodka shots! ugh! grabe, my chest got heavy and warm after drinking it XS~~~.

at around 1am we went to jollibee somewhere in Paseo De Roxas, had "midnight snack" and chilled again, then went home AND DIDN'T SLEEP AT ALL!!!!!yep didnt sleep at all! we just watched the craft movie borrowed from sir.alcs and, and, hmmm something creepy happened O.o'. had breakfast at 5am, nag power nap at 7am and at 8am panicked for i might get late.

Sporting my new curly/ wavy hair

the drinks X/


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