REVIEW: LV Black Circle Lens

Hello~~~!!! This gon be my first review on special lens! specifically Circle lens, and why it is very essential to every savvy girls and guys out there!. Contact lens are nice specially the ones with nice colors and design but sometimes it's just too much and you have to agree with me. wearing a 3 tone lens sometimes feel like wearing 3 layers of shirt with neon prints splashing! while the feel of wearing a simple black circle lens feels like wearing something essential like a white tank top, a lil black dress, or plain blue skinny jeans! you got me? It's simple yet it makes you beautiful, clean and sparkly, hmm. Personally for me wearing Circle lens is a must since it looks natural, your eye's shine, and it make your eye's big! unlike contact lens with designs that is too obvious to the point that know you're wearing contact lens. plus circle lens looks clean on the eyes and gives you a glow! that's why i love circle lens! it makes my eyes big and shiny! in a good way!. So I'm going to share my new favorite circle lens from :3

Quick Facts:
Got them at for P470.00 and free shipping!. 
the lens are 16.20mm big, yes! 16.20mm so that's pretty big! 
Base curve is 8.60
Center thickness is 0.04mm
Water content of 55%
and a disposable lifetime of 1 year!

And about Japanese candy, what i love about the shop is you get your lens in less than 2 days from the day you made payments! fast! and good compliance to customers! ;3
I have small ugly eye's that's why i need them to make my eye's big together with eyeliner.
Actual Picture of Circle Lens
Actual Picture on eyes. might vary depending on eye. eyes will look bigger with makeup and eyeliner
you can see the difference on the picture above on how my eye's look without and with the LV black contact lens. 

I love et!. it blends with my eye's natural color plus it's pure black and gives the eye's a certain shine and glow. People often tell me I look like a doll when I wear em'! well, gets creeped out by the blackness of my eye's and think it looks like a black hole but all in all it looks good on the eye's i love it very much! perfect for everyday use!.
I give it a perfect five! does that need to be explain!? it pretty obvious! it's biiiiiiiiig!!! It's 16mm man! 16!!!!! i could not ask for more! this will look good specially to those people with sleepy eye's! it makes my eye's big and gives my eye's that "aura". 
four? I wen't shopping wearing them for 10 hours eventually it feel heavy on the eye's if it stay that long. don't blink for 5 seconds and you get teary eye's. Slightly heavy but still comfortable. so i guess if you take good care of the lens it will last 10 hours on your eye.
Got nothing to say! definitely an essential to your contact lens kit!.


unboxing Princess Shirahoshi

p1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7 P8 P9

With pink roaring waves of hair like cotton candy and a face like you've never seen before it is very hard not to notice Princess Shirahoshi. I don't know her generally! it was up until I went to the local toy store to check new stuff when I found her and instantly fell in love! bought her and did some research on her, only to find out she's part of One Piece but with little exposure though! how I wish they will make more action figures of her and more exposure in One Piece or! they should make a separate anime of her haha! the other Princess Shirahoshi figures on stores are soo expensive this two i just posted are all i can afford atm, but when my online shopping basket empties i will sure buy them haha. Princess Shirahoshi is my new gal together with Mikuru and Haruhi ;3
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