Gloomy Day

LongSleeves: Salvatore Ferragamo 
Top: H&M
Pants:  Oxygen
Shoes: Nike
Bag: Longchamp

Weather Ain't Stopping Us

12Makati weather has been a bit inhospitable for the last few months. trust me, 5 minutes after I go out immediately I'm sweating like hell and I just wanna curse and kill anyone, and dressing up has become a bit stressful to. I almost had a heat stroke last april so now I'm starting to improvise and started searching my closet for comfy yet stylish pieces. On hot days like this, thick fabrics are big no no's. I'd suggest try searching your closet for comfy fabrics. for today though I wore all black but I didn't felt uncomfortable. I wore sleeveless cotton with sheer coverup and a twill harem pants with sandals so I could enjoy my lunch date without looking haggard or smelling like the sun. my outfit today was very light and comfortable and not heavy like how I usually do haha i should do this more often (Even though I almost had blisters walking around with em sandals).

It's a bit funny some people kept staring at me today because as I walk my sandals started making all this clinging noises from the metal straps!. It sounded like those sounds a medieval armor makes. People must have been thinking I'm a bit too early for Christmas to be doing Christmas Caroling  haha.

This day turned out to be ok I guess. Stayed inside of the malls most of the time, had dim sum and Ice Cream yum.

Sleeveless, GAP
Sheer CoverUp, H&M
Harem Pants, Own Creation
Gladiator Sandals,
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