JUNE 20, 2010
TOYCON this year sure did not disapoint me, it made my day! the place was bursting with people and even when we went inside the venue people wr flooding to get in!. inside the venue was walls of action figures! thankgod i didnt bring money with me otherwise i'd go crazy over them and will end up buying!. and crap Lady GaGita went to the con but only saw Haronce, i heart them sobra! X3

^I want this james bond!

^The kind of action figures i collect!

^Ball joint dolls! definitely an investment to get one (SIGH)

^Check out the Lady GaGa Telephone ver. Custom made doll!

^You bet im a die hard Tomb Riader fan!

^Sr. alcs and pleshy with a life size wonderwoman

^with ciarra

^Rocky as the prince of persia

^Loving tins eyes

^Walls of action figures! egad!!!

Bionic Friday

june 19, 2010
-Final Exam's next week and im rushing to finish everything, from my portfolio class, my visual presentation, and until to the 3 garments im sewing. after class i wen't to Pepper lunch in Greenbelt to meet up with kat, thought she was alone but she brought the entire korean brigade with her. spent the entire night with koreans. AGAIN!.

^Picture i was randomly tagged and i randomly grabbed ^3^

And! Christina Aguilera's Back again with her new album "Bionic" i haven't downloaded it yet but ive already watched the video "not myself tonight". but what i really don't get is the whole time i was watching her video only one name pops in my head, "Lady GaGa" but then again even before Lady GaGa appeared christina was already known for edgy looks and Blonde hair but now it looks as if she's trying to level up with Lady GaGa, well anyways her songs better be good.

It's GaGa Oh-la-la~~

JUNE 17, 2010
-It was weeks ago when i went to ACE Hardware with mom to buy some "hardware" stuffs! when a bunch of transparent welding glasses attracted me and was begging me to buy them. staring at the glasses in my room for an hour i had no idea how to or when to start costumizing them!..when few days after Lady GaGa's "Alejandro" music video was released worldwide everyone from twitter to facebook was already talking about it, so i watched it myself, and ow my, so far my favorite video of Lady GaGA! it was so Madonna! and that inspired me and givd me ideas on how to costumize the glasses i bought! and TADA!!~~~~

Ukay Brigade!!!!

Fail day for lip piercing! just when i was about to have my lip pierced and i was ohh so ready to face it when they suddenly ran out of lip ring! amp! O__-' it felt like i went to hell after all the trials of getting there to find out satans not inhell and is out on vacation! you know that feeling right! shootshit! well the good part is a get to spend my day with friends Aiko, Tin, & Ichi and we went ukay!!!!!!

The Vkei Toolbox

Ok, so you think your vkei enough? you think you have all the vkei equipments? well go grab a checklist and see if you have all the vkei essentials! haha~~ just organized my toolbox today and dang it looks spankin! haha~~ i love putting on and doing vkei vkei make-up but its kinda frustrating removing them (specially if your doing heavy makeup) or if your wearing contact lens it feels as if my eye part is the heaviest part of my face with makeup on em..but i guess that's one of the many prices everyone has to pay for to pull off the look of a visual...

Ow i just got myself a copy of Preview's anniversary issue! what made me grab a copy? well ever since i was in highschool ive always looooved Georgina Wilson (the cover girl) like i have all magazines with her on the cover! i love her! she's not only beautiful she's also smart! and she loves math! wow, a guy would be lucky to hav a beautiful siren like her! haha and also since their paying tribute to the late Alexander McQueen the issue is a must. and ow yeah its their thickest issue ever, its their anniversary issue (im an avid collector of preview magazine since 2008 so i cant miss) and they placed a men section on the magazine! how amazing can that be!? for only 140php?


JUNE 7, 2010
After The thrift experience yesterday i just couldn't help but go ukay again! and this time ive found a vkei-ish jacket that i could use for various photoshoots, and i got it at 200php yey! (^O^)b and i got myself to a furr vest for only 80php haha unbelievable right?

From Mom's :D

my family?

Tell me if he scares you :3

The Night with the Girlfriends

A rather random friday last june 4, (friday)..had drinks with the click 5 (group name) jammu, kiato and xandy! i missed them so much, their good friends of mine, i go to cubao expo with them always and i missed them so much! despite the rainy weather in makati we wr still able to see each other and im looking forward to seing them again!~~~


This time i will try my best to stay put on my style and avoid using "LOOKBOOK" style! haf to maintain my japanese and streetstyle look!~~
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