Before, every time I would hear or see Nicki Minaj, the only thing that pops through my mind is, "She tries so hard to the point that she looks uber ridiculous", "why does she copy Lady Gaga?", "She's like a beyonce who's trying hard to be a Lady Gaga!", or i would also think, "she's a black girl trying to be white". I like her songs but i'm still trying to love her personality because I don't think she's all that sweet, or maybe i just don't understand how things work in the rap scene! i started listening to Nicki late last year and quickly fell in love with her first album "Pink Friday". why do i like her you ask? I love rapping! and no, i don't know how to do freestyle rap! but for me its just weird when boys rap, its too deep and too serious! its different with nicki! she's a girl, and the way she raps is fun and not serious! Plus the fact that she's not boring at all, and i love how she sometimes make this weird voice over her songs!finally! someone who raps and is actually fun!. i loved her first album and i couldn't wait for her next album to be released!p2

Like i said, i don't really understand how the rap scene works! so i was baffled when i saw this youtube video of these two kids who were singing Super Bass, which went viral and they got invited to the Ellen DeGeneres show. It was so touching seeing them finally meet their idol nicki! So from that moment on, Nicki surely knows a lot of kids are listening to her songs and looking up to her. When Roman Reloaded was released I was expecting the songs to be cleaner, but they weren't. doesn't nicki know that a mllion kids are listening to her songs? does she want kids listening to her songs about having sex on the lounge? or hear them singing stupid hoe and using other foul words?. the reason why a lot of people hate nicki is because some of her songs don't make sense, which is an insult to the music industry, in my opinion. But the songs on nicki's album are actually 40% bullshit and 60% sensible.


Roman Reloaded consists of 22 tracks! first, here are the tracks that for me is full of bullshit: Stupid hoe, Come on a Cone, Roman Reloaded, and SEX IN THE LOUNGE! why did they fuckin' make these songs!?. My top favorites are Roman Holiday, Beez In The Trap, Starships, Pound The Alarm, Whip It, Automatic, and Va va voom!. The nice thing about nicki's new album is that it's worth the wait. it's pretty worth it for an album of 22 tracks. I was expecting more fast raps, but instead, there are a lot of songs fit to be played in the club that'l make you dance! overall the album is nice, and i cant wait for Nicki's next album.theres always something about her that keeps me excited.


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