Just got a new art book "japanese Goth" that pretty much shows and mirrors the gothic lolita subculture japan has brought to the world, from monochrome world, fashion, art, music to clothing. its a must-have for every die hard gothic lolita lover!

^The cover

Heres a sneak peak to what's inside the art book:

^From clothing



^To music

Your the best SEX i ever had!

JULY 6, 2010

Still think dinner on a fancy restaurant a best way to spend dinner with dear friends? for me nothing beats a simple dinner on a local food chain with dear friends i think its not where your at that will make you happy but its who your with ;3 dba? XDD..

And i thought today would be rest day since ive been going out ever since dad arrived! havent had a day were i could just spend my time in the house. and today was supposed to be "I miss lia and im going to visit her today!" but instead i went zooming in to Taft, manila and had dinner at SEX (sinangag express) probably the best place to eat Tappa at 60php its a food that'll take you to heaven! not a disappointed to my taste buds! eating SEX give me that kilig factor! the kilig factor similar to seing my first love haha ;D
to tin, ichigo, kat, eric, jesse, ciarra, ren, and mara tnx for making my day! you guys are the best ;*

^In the black (hair) corner ren, mara, eric & kat
^In the white (blonde) corner ichigo, tin, me, ciarra & jesse
eric & katty
^ate at the back stalking ichigo
^jesse loves the menu so much
^i just noticed ciarra lost alotta pounds!
^wheres jaro?
^ :3
^Whatever are we doing? XD
^Whats next for the blonde brigade? probably extensions XD
^Family Picture!
^rens stressed eyes XDDD
^LRT galore tae!

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