Name: Maria Isabella Kristofferson
Age: 22
Occupation: Fashion Marketing Student In School of Fashion and the Arts (sofa)


Top, from The Ramp
Jeans, from H&M
Bag, from SM Dept. store
and Shoes, from Soule Phenomenon

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: "we had a presentation for our fashion entrepreneur class, and i wanted to go with an all dark classic outfit, but still within my style :)"

STYLE AESTHETIC: "everyone that knows me knows that i love wearing black on black.. You can never fail, its flattering and timeless. But i also like to include a little something different.. Wether its a cool pair of shoes, a bag in a different color, or accessories. "

OUTFIT ON A TYPICAL DAY: "typically i would wear something suitable for day time and night time"

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It was a usual day yesterday, checking out the news feed on my facebook when suddenly a friend posted this picture and was stung by the beauty of this hoodie

It appears to be a Hoodie designed by Lady Gaga & A-morir's Kerin Rose for a Supreme ad photographed by Famous Photographer Terry Richardson. Terry Richardson+Lady Gaga=How outrageous can that be? anyway I love it!

Behind the scenes at the Supreme shoot

What makes this Hoodie awesomely fabulously superficial coolness shit? haha, check out ze nails & knife handle details! I would so gonna wear this. It's like wearing something Violent in a Fashionable way. haha, and it has many uses, not only is it eye catching but you can use it to stab your boyfriend if you caught him canoodling another girl ;3

A-morir is Famous for making DIY shades, alot of A-list celebs and Pop singers has been caught wearing them Including Lady Gaga & Rihanna.A-morir has been catering to Gaga for awhile, all the outrageous & Fashionable shades Lady Gaga wears is designed by A-morir, and I think A-morir also made the Infamous cigarette shades Gaga was wearing on the music vid of Telephone.

you can check A-morir at

I've also made DIY shades before that...well, you might say very A-morir, but no, I never knew A-morir until I stumbled upon this :)

Anyway I couldn't find a decent picture of Lady Gaga wearing the Hoodie photographed by Terry Richardson, but here's some of the Pictures for the Supreme Ad they did.

Lady Gaga Supreme Photoshoot from Terry Richardson on Vimeo.




Here is a photography of Kat Celeste for a school assignment on SOFA I think. Ive always told her on how much she pretty looks like snow white, the slutty version though i told her and she just giggles each and every time I tell her while denying it.

I remember the first time I told her how much she looks like snow white when I was meeting her up in Duty Free. I picked her outside and as she was coming my way outside the building with the scorching sun on her she shines with her lips red as the rose, hair black as ebony & skin white as snow (seriously this is true). and she was wearing red headband and a yellow TOPMAN shirt borrowed from her brother, duh while watching her all I can see is snow white in my mind and I quickly told her she looks snow white. That's snow white for you! she's the street style version though, the less demure, rockstar, provocative, & seductive version. A Tim Burton version of Snow White. Anti-it, and a "fuck the world for being" girl she is.


Another day where I have to drag myself out of bed to go to school. my class is at 9am but i have to wake up as early as 6am since I'll be coming from alabang and refuse to face traffic & rush to school.

I love dressing up going to school. Every week it's always a different style to motivate myself to go to school. This week is different though, for today my style is Gyaru O.

Gyaru O is a sub culture in Japan popular among the youth. the "O" stands for male and recently the kanji for "dirty". they got popular because of their dark skin, cool & colored hairstyles & rough outlaw fashion. more like Military, Rock, Biker, Surfer, Host, Adult, & American Casual combined together and their lifestyle for partying listening to trance & eurobeat.

last night while I was cleaning my apartment I found a pair of my dad's boots which inspired me to do gyaru O to school.

Never knew my dad had cool booties :D

In school, even though nobody appreciated the style it's ok i was praised for my makeup :"> haha. For the gyaru o look I paired my dad's boots with leatherish slim fit pants, a Vivienne Westwood bag, statement shirt and my "Rebel" jacket haha. well if you look at my picture it's not really that "Gyaru O-ish" let's just say this is the toned down version :>

The Inspiration. Aztigggggg!! XD

I wanted to apply bronzer on my face to get the look but i didn't want my classmates to freak out seing me having super dark face haha. and with the hair I got lazy styling it since it requires 50% of your time which i didn't have since i was rushing to school. but lastweek I did a Gyaru O hairstyle to school that inspired my teacher haha

Gyaru O hairstyle lastweek. and i was sick haha

That's all for now. ow it feels good sharing fashion related stuffs to people :*
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