Smart Eye Dark Capture Patch
ReviewIMG_5159It's been ages since i last updated myself, been really busy lately with my work and its consuming my time every week, no time to go online because after work i sleep right away!.

during work i would always have  mirror beside me so i can at least always look at my face and see if changes are happening.And yes, being awake all night gave me eye bags, and its alarming because i dont like looking at them! so I tried something from Nature Republic! its my first time to use smart eye and don't know what it'll benefit me.

I bought them some weeks ago but was only able to use them last Saturday because of the hectic schedule I've been having.IMG_5161I think the smart eye patch works just like any face mask, i cant read Korean thank god for the pictures! you actually put it in your eyes (like duh) and leave it there for 30-40 minutes.

I was very excited to use this product! and unexpectedly this product is actually pretty convenient and not a hassle. there's actually 2 sticky sheets per pack to be place under the eye for 30 to 40 minutes. whats's nice about this is it different from wearing face masks, when you are wearing face masks your facial movements is restricted, and as much as possible you have to lie down for 20 minutes before removing the face mask. but with this product, its actually nice because its really sticky and well, not really the right word, slimy. its a glossy sheet with a fabric-ish material inside that is not irritating to the face. you can do anything you want while this product is in your eyes, rather than lying down. its only a bit itchy when you look down or close your eyes! 

So there my day was spent like any normal days but with a patch on my eyes and its actually not irritating to the eyes as well because there no particular scent and it has a cooling effect that really relaxes the area around the eyes! and i actually left it on my eyes more than an hour just because I loved the feeling!.
  IMG_5162 In my line of work, its really important to take care of myself and not look like a walking zombie. after removing the sheets though i still yet have to see promising effects! but i would advice those who wants to use this product to not rely much on it. its still important to drink lots of water & plenty of rest!

my overall rating for starter use: 7.5/10

what i loved about this product:
-feels good on the skin
-no scent, not irritating
-cooling effect
-convenient in a way that my movements is not restricted
-the glossy sheet with the fabric thingi inside & the sticky liquid on it

what I don't like about this product:
-my lower lashes itch when i close my eyes or look down

nature2 Outtakes~ smart eye dark capture patch is actually available at all Nature Republic outlets for P138.00 comes with a free facial wash if you purchase 4 pcs. ;D
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