Just give me 1 month of vacation away from the city and to organize things! and by august when I'm back from my vacation with fresh ideas I'll be making my 1st official online store!..yes!...seriously! I'm serious!!..:D not gonna spill anything first but based on what you see on the pictures above its gonna be more Gyaru O inspired but in a very rock edgy way but still wearable! and as much as possible I wanna make the prices affordable for my market! I'm really hoping though my store will be hit to the market I choose and If it will be a hit then I'll build a store where I can sell them! but as of now I will deal with all the stress I'm about to face! Business plan, Promotion, fabric sourcing etc!. but so far my goal is to get as many customer's as I could! I hope you guys will like this project! :3


One of my favorite Designer that never fails to blow my mind with each collection he shows: Gareth Pugh. forget Edgy Avant Garde! I think his beyond that!

As usual on his Fall RTW 2011 collection Gareth always tends to confuse the people with his collection since he never gives a title to his collection nor tell us what's the theme of the collection. for me though while I was browsing on his collection and checking out the runway photos Star Wars popped into my mind, I think so I'm trying to guess that Star Wars did was his inspiration for the collection! those who watched the Star Wars Saga will get what I'm talking about! :D

What I loved about this collection? The strictly Defined cuts on the Jackets, the bold and ow so strong shoulders! his ability to mix super hard structured clothes with something soft and flowy, the bold cuts, and the way the fabrics flows while the models walk the runway. but what caught my attention was the sudden pop of cobalt blue! my favorite piece from his collection is probably the cobalt blue suit with cobalt blue flared flowy pants. but in general I wanna wear all of Gareth Pugh's Collection! 8l


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