Its called a Foulard. everybody is familiar with this print/scarf. I don't know when, but I think it was probably popularized by Versace back when Gianni Versace was still alive. for me personally I have always been fascinated by this print, I called foulard a print instead of a scarf, because of how I have recognized it. A foulard always has a rope, chains, and gold stuffs as it's print, and it's a lightweight silk or silk cotton. I dunno, but there is something about foulard that has always fascinated me! probably because I grew up seeing them a lot! I remember,on Sunday's my mom or Lola would wear a padded silk foulard top to church and i would be fascinated looking at the beautiful silky prints of ropes, angels, & chains, sometimes its even anchors!. I stop seeing Foulard scarfs & dresses when i was in High school. it was nowhere to be found. If ever i see one, it was the elderly who would wear them going to church.1 It was recently when I started studying Fashion Design that I promised myself to have a collection of Foulard! but over the years I forgot about foulard. heres proof of how much I love foulard, a picture of the so called "Cruise Collection" I made back in 08.
So a few weeks ago I was checking, well, to get updates on BigBang when I saw the promotional shoot for Still Alive. FOULAAAAARDDDD OVERLOAADDDD!!! 
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Bigbang In 10Asia Star Magazine 5 This is not the first time I saw Bigbang wearing Foulard, back in 09 G-Dragon was the Modern Genie In Vogue Korea. In this picture his wearing a foulard pants. 6
And also this year. Lady Gaga herself was wearing Versace on her MV "Edge Of Glory". below she's wearing a vintage Foulard Versace. and just recently Lady Gaga has been spotted wearing a lot of vintage Foulard Versace! you should find it when you google it. 7 So yes, foulard is not on the mainstream (thank god!) but a lot of individuals are spotted wearing them. and this season I'm obsessed with Foulard!. as usual, I'm a person who is not a slave to trends. I'm not gonna wear something just because everybody is wearing them. I wear what I wanna wear. and this season I'm channeling the Sugar Daddy look! starring Foulard!. It's hard to look for Foulard stuffs though! even though you can find Foulard scarfs on the Super malls, the quality is crappy. Vintage Foulard's are the best. 

I started hunting last Sunday at thrift stores! unfortunately I only found 2 Garments! super hard to find! but when you find one they are super cheap X3 . Below is one of the first garments i found. I love it! 8
Back Detail
And look what faith has given me. I found a Vintage Versace Jeans Couture! its a JEANS COUTURE!!!! a totally hard to find Versace!! and its my size! XS! thank you Gianni Versace T^T10
And here is the root of my Foulard Obsession. It all started last week on a Bazaar outside our office. there was Japan Surplus Bazaar and I bought a couple of cute stuffs at a superrrrr cheap price! then i found this 2 silk scarfs that was somehow familiar to me as I remember seeing them a lot back when i was a child(first & second from the right).  and there BOOM! I started hunting for Foulard. 3rd from right is also bought from a thrift shop while the one from the far left is bought at a department store with crappy quality.
Details13 So this season will be "Sugar Daddy" fashion for me. how about you? 
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