After more than 2 years of waiting my friend finally bought the maid version of Clalaclan (for those who don't her she's from the shinning tears xx anime). Usually the normal price of action figures are at 3k (depending on quality and company making them) and boy is she a catch! totally worth the wait luckily she was on the shelf of the action figure store for long and no crazy Utako bought her haha.

My friend even had second thoughts on buying Clalaclan since nowadays you can buy two pairs of shoes online with 3k but i convinced her to buy clalaclan anyway, since its been a long 3 years of wait, so there we marched our way to the action figure store on a very hot day on march (shit was it hot) and after buying Clalaclan went to Kitaro to eat, but i wasn't hungry since i was sooo thirsty from the death marched we did from the condo to the store! ugh! instead i asked her if i could open the package to take her picture.

As i was slowly and carefully unwrapping her i could see how she was carefully wrapped on layers and layers of plastic, and her smell! boy! fresh PVC! with super smooth surface uhhhhhhh!!!!!! action figures like her should not go out of the box or should be kept on a special glass case! Excellent quality! worth the price! and Clalaclan can be collected by different Utako's: the normal one and the perv one's (since her skirt is removable and optional, u can remove her clothes but will have a hard time putting them back on her again!) so there! just so some of you collectors might know, learn to appriciate quality action figures and stop buying fake one's haha expenssive action figures are worth the pay! you get what you pay for! you get quality, not quantity ;)
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