Just give me 1 month of vacation away from the city and to organize things! and by august when I'm back from my vacation with fresh ideas I'll be making my 1st official online store!..yes!...seriously! I'm serious!!..:D not gonna spill anything first but based on what you see on the pictures above its gonna be more Gyaru O inspired but in a very rock edgy way but still wearable! and as much as possible I wanna make the prices affordable for my market! I'm really hoping though my store will be hit to the market I choose and If it will be a hit then I'll build a store where I can sell them! but as of now I will deal with all the stress I'm about to face! Business plan, Promotion, fabric sourcing etc!. but so far my goal is to get as many customer's as I could! I hope you guys will like this project! :3

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