Here is a photography of Kat Celeste for a school assignment on SOFA I think. Ive always told her on how much she pretty looks like snow white, the slutty version though i told her and she just giggles each and every time I tell her while denying it.

I remember the first time I told her how much she looks like snow white when I was meeting her up in Duty Free. I picked her outside and as she was coming my way outside the building with the scorching sun on her she shines with her lips red as the rose, hair black as ebony & skin white as snow (seriously this is true). and she was wearing red headband and a yellow TOPMAN shirt borrowed from her brother, duh while watching her all I can see is snow white in my mind and I quickly told her she looks snow white. That's snow white for you! she's the street style version though, the less demure, rockstar, provocative, & seductive version. A Tim Burton version of Snow White. Anti-it, and a "fuck the world for being" girl she is.

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