Another day where I have to drag myself out of bed to go to school. my class is at 9am but i have to wake up as early as 6am since I'll be coming from alabang and refuse to face traffic & rush to school.

I love dressing up going to school. Every week it's always a different style to motivate myself to go to school. This week is different though, for today my style is Gyaru O.

Gyaru O is a sub culture in Japan popular among the youth. the "O" stands for male and recently the kanji for "dirty". they got popular because of their dark skin, cool & colored hairstyles & rough outlaw fashion. more like Military, Rock, Biker, Surfer, Host, Adult, & American Casual combined together and their lifestyle for partying listening to trance & eurobeat.

last night while I was cleaning my apartment I found a pair of my dad's boots which inspired me to do gyaru O to school.

Never knew my dad had cool booties :D

In school, even though nobody appreciated the style it's ok i was praised for my makeup :"> haha. For the gyaru o look I paired my dad's boots with leatherish slim fit pants, a Vivienne Westwood bag, statement shirt and my "Rebel" jacket haha. well if you look at my picture it's not really that "Gyaru O-ish" let's just say this is the toned down version :>

The Inspiration. Aztigggggg!! XD

I wanted to apply bronzer on my face to get the look but i didn't want my classmates to freak out seing me having super dark face haha. and with the hair I got lazy styling it since it requires 50% of your time which i didn't have since i was rushing to school. but lastweek I did a Gyaru O hairstyle to school that inspired my teacher haha

Gyaru O hairstyle lastweek. and i was sick haha

That's all for now. ow it feels good sharing fashion related stuffs to people :*

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