JUNE 20, 2010
TOYCON this year sure did not disapoint me, it made my day! the place was bursting with people and even when we went inside the venue people wr flooding to get in!. inside the venue was walls of action figures! thankgod i didnt bring money with me otherwise i'd go crazy over them and will end up buying!. and crap Lady GaGita went to the con but only saw Haronce, i heart them sobra! X3

^I want this james bond!

^The kind of action figures i collect!

^Ball joint dolls! definitely an investment to get one (SIGH)

^Check out the Lady GaGa Telephone ver. Custom made doll!

^You bet im a die hard Tomb Riader fan!

^Sr. alcs and pleshy with a life size wonderwoman

^with ciarra

^Rocky as the prince of persia

^Loving tins eyes

^Walls of action figures! egad!!!

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