Bionic Friday

june 19, 2010
-Final Exam's next week and im rushing to finish everything, from my portfolio class, my visual presentation, and until to the 3 garments im sewing. after class i wen't to Pepper lunch in Greenbelt to meet up with kat, thought she was alone but she brought the entire korean brigade with her. spent the entire night with koreans. AGAIN!.

^Picture i was randomly tagged and i randomly grabbed ^3^

And! Christina Aguilera's Back again with her new album "Bionic" i haven't downloaded it yet but ive already watched the video "not myself tonight". but what i really don't get is the whole time i was watching her video only one name pops in my head, "Lady GaGa" but then again even before Lady GaGa appeared christina was already known for edgy looks and Blonde hair but now it looks as if she's trying to level up with Lady GaGa, well anyways her songs better be good.

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