The last model. why? cuz it's the end of the world..kidding. the last model because I'M SICK AND TIRED OF HAVING THIS OUTFITS USED IN PHOTO SHOOTS OVER AND OVER AGAIN!. hmp!. The model is Paulo Breva by the way, the model Ive never meet pa, and his the last model who wore my designs from my 1st & 2nd collection. I want new designs fresh for photo shoots this year and that i promise, work is on the way, slowly!. after this term is done i will start the production of new designs for me online store awwww finally! now i have all the time in the world to create my dreeeeeemmmmssss!! hahaha! exciteda nd hopes my market & clients embrace it. and pls clients marry my creations XDDD. my brand names going to be Riarusim (Riaru japanese for real, so in engrish realism-ish-something XD). so im so hyped and can't wait! now currently working on having me label printed! fofofofoooooooo!!!! XD and after that the hunt for the hidden sewer! must find the best sewer that will not make my head hurt!

Currently Editing all the photos of Paulo and will publish the photos from Garvin yao's photo shoot from last dec. thats it for now! have a blast eblewan!


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