woke up late and was rushing to school like a bullet train! no makeup and no time to style hair! today ms.michi (our Fashion Entrepreneur Teacher) is giving away our midterms grade and I'm excited because i know i did good on the midterms project!

me and maria arrived just in time and I can't stop laughing when ms. michi, again, loved my hairstyle, its different today though because my hair was just messed up fresh from bed! didn't styled my hair for I was running lililili late! and I didnt even noticed my hair was that messy! ms. michi always say im the classes creative HEAD, gets? creative HEAD, my HEAD haha with different hairstyle every week!and i get shy each and everytime ms. michi compliments bout my hair.

And so ms. michi announced the winner of the midterms. the midterm project was to create and design a Eco friendly bag and the winner will get a chance to have their creation produced by rags to riches & be sold at Merkato Central at The Fort. and surprisingly me and maria (our brand is guilt free wear) and the Hinabi (hope i spelled it right) had a tie! yup 2 teams won! and we even got a trophy! Oscar trophy to be exact. haha aawwwww I cant believe I won the best bag design!

And after that we had a one on one with Ms. Michi regarding about our business plan and Design. and Ms. Michi loved the designed so much that I couldn't help but just smile and listen to her as she said, she loved how the bag is soo curled, it's nothing too old but still trendy! and told me and maria that we could be good partners as Fashion Designer & Fashion Marketer. and she also said I should stick with my aesthetics because she said something like me having a promising future and career, I guess (crossing my fingers!).

Ms. Michi Calica. is probably one of the best teacher I've ever had. even if she's just talking there about her life and experiences you learn a lot, you would listen to her like listening to your parents while they read you fairytale stories!, when she talks everybody listens. just listening to here i can say my tuition fee for fashion intrep is worth it. you can see her burning fashion for Entrepreneur which also ignites the inner fire in you. Ms. Michi is truly inpsiring!. :)

But of course today is both a good day and a bad day, good day for getting the best bag design award. bad day, i got 60 in my midterms for Retail Management :( dont even wanna talk about it just have to make bawi! thats it for now! hav fun ya'll


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