Glory and Gore

Blog update! it's been awhile since I've posted something here in my blog. a lot of things has happened lately. 1st off, surprise! i got rid of my platinum blonde hair, decided to give my hair a rest and dyed it back to black. 2nd! I've let my facial hair grow without shaving em! my face has been breaking out badly because of the stubborn hair that's growing on my face, in a way I'm sorta starting to embrace them. 3rd! a lot of big surprises coming this 2014! I'm soo excited! can't tell any information's at the moment i want everything to be perfect! not a single clue!. 4th! I'm practicing my photography skills and starting to do photo sessions of interesting people! not your typical people! and I'm so excited for the collaborations I'm about to make! specially to a very special blogger who is dear to me, yes, I'm collaborating with my all time favorite blogger! so 2014 is a very exciting year for me lots of changes will be happening. I've been low for almost 2 years now not been very active in my industry but i'm reseting myself and starting all over. i know i have all the connections i need the right people and all but i wan't to try establishing myself, i wanna work hard for everything i'll be doing so yeah, I'm soooooooo excited. and i'll be needing all the support from you guys wish me goodluck!.   

and about this blog post. haha I myself am shock of the result of my boredom. boring saturday with nothing to do, so i was surfing for random stuff online then i remembered this makeup from John Galliano's A/W 2010 menswear collection so i searched em and started copying the makeup style. the look was sorta like goth jesus, unfortunately though i ran out of black eye shadow and black liquid eyeliner so instead i borrowed my moms dark eyeshadow (more on the purple side!). here's one of the look i was trying to achieve but unfortunately i doubt i was close enough but i'm pleased with how the makeup looked on me. what do you guys think of my jesus makeup? can you stil recognize me? 

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