✞ Fashionary ✞

✞✞✞ I almost forgot i bought this months ago and forgot to blog about this amazing notebook. I saw this notebook at Shangrila mall months ago and bought it, and i was so happy and and amazed how much this notebook is packed with surprises & needs every Fashion designer should have, truly a gift from the god's of fashion! and will help in situations specially client meetings!. I personally think Fashionary is very essential to every designer out there specially on inspiring days, me i personally carry it with me everywhere i go. Fashionary comes in 2,  Fashionary for Men & Fashionary for Women and also comes in different sizes and colors,  I bought Fashionary A4 for men in black.  I'll show you guys some contents inside this wonder notebook every designers should have.
✞ A to Z of every designer out there!
✞ Types of Jackets
✞ Types of Pants, Cowl's , Cuff's, etc!
✞ Types Of Shoes!
✞ Care Label!

✞ Croquis

✞ and the barely there croquis templates
✞ this definitely is a must have. for more info's check fashionary.org

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