I've always loved Kira Imai's Lolita Illustration, I've been dying to actually get my hands on those huge framed illustrations of her's but their kinda expensive & it's in Japan. Usually she's doing her stuff on the Gothic Lolita magazine in japan but luckily I have some of her creations found on my Gothic Lolita Book. the thing I love about her Illustrations: It's Innocent. It's like Britney Spears new album: Femme Fatale, It's mysterious yet seductive, there's a combination between truth & fiction, sweetness & darkness, & Love & hate.

Anyway I'll be creating my online store soon with different lines ranging from lolita fashion to visual kei fashion, everything falls on the Japanese Fashion category. but the first line I'll be making is the Lolita line, yeah, a first for me luckily I'm educated with style of the Lolita. I want to make the line pastels. hard to avoid but I don't want to make the usual lolita pattern on the design. I want to make lolita designs with nice cuts and patterns!. This is not my style seriously! but I guess the factor that fuels me on making a lolita collection is my Fascination towards Marie Antoinette, and the movie itself where Kirsten Dunst played the role of the young queen. Will have some of Kira's illustrations printed for the mood board soon, sketching then its of to production. school ends, quick out of the city vacation, then off I go to start building my own empire ;3

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