Ok so lately Ive been so into dolls! BJD (Ball Jointed Dolls) to be exact! pretty little expensive dolls, and I'm saving money already for my first ever BJD. A lot of people think I'm insane for buying a doll that cost almost $1000 but I guess its because of my fascination with Fantasy & Pretty Boys, well, It's not something new because ever since I step inside the Fashion Industry Ive already fell in love with androgyny, well probably its the fuel for my inspiration and in creating garments. I want clothes that can be worn by both guys & girls and I love guys who look like girls & girls who look like guys, I dunno when I see pretty boys I get fueled up and inspired ready to sketch designs *3* I wish all the androgynous people can be my muse T^T so much.

And lastnight I spotted this guy name Casper from London on my lookbook account. Didn't know I was following him and OwEmgee! when I checked his tumblr account I was like, Like, \@o@'/. yeah you could imagine my reaction. He super looks like a real life doll! my dream BJD doll! his skinny body, beautiful fair skin, pink lips, doll eyes & here's the highlight PLATINUM BLONDE HAIR!!! Gyaaa!! *faints* *inspired* so pretty! I just sooo wish he would be my muse! I want him to be my Mannequin! gosh! anyway it inspired me more more! >3<'!

^Find me a model who looks exactly like Casper! now!

^His Tumblr

Casper's similarity to a Ball Jointed Doll.

Ball Jointed Doll pictures from

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