Queen Marie Antoinette (pronounced as Antwanett): The last queen of France. we all know her (specially the people in the Fashion Industry) as the queen who was beheaded because of her Vanity. and that's it. we know nothing else about her. but after I did a deep research about her I learned a lot of things about her.

It started a lastweek when I was checking out my friends (Meoki) blog and I saw one entry where the movie Marie Antoinette was posted on it. and since I haven't watched that movie pa and was doing nothing on that afternoon I decided to do a movie marathon on Marie Antoinette. and hell was the movie great. It made me fall in love with the Fashion of Versailles and made me want to live the life of an Aristocrat back In the day. T^T. I came to love Marie Antoinette and started reading her life and watching Video documentaries about her.

You might go like "wtf is so interesting about this queen!?" or "this is boring". but i say, her life is very Interesting and everyone should know the story of her life and the life of her Fashion and.

Since the story of her life is looooooooong I'll just summarize everything ;)


Marie antoinette was only 14 when she was sent by her mother (the Archduchess Maria Josepha of Austria) to France to marry the 14 year old Louis Aguste. Austria & France where then enemy that's why Marie marrying Louis will forged an alliance to both Austria & France.The people of France & Versailles fell in love with her Poise, Charms, & Beauty and it made her Popular.Marie was then sent to The Versailles: her new home.

The Versailles (pronounced as Versai in French) was the massive wealthy home of the Duchess, Aristocrats, & Royalties Back then. A true paradise, Versailles is one of the most enormous & Grandeur Palaces ever built by men. with it's breathtaking views that made everyone "sigh" this was the life back then and it blocked Marie with what was the reality outside Versailles. It was during her Reign that Paris suffered from Debt and starvation.

Marie was married to Louis and never had sex with him on their first seven years together and was given the title The Dauphine of France. She was still not queen for they have to produce an offspring for the crown first. Marie was frustrated about Louis not having sex with her. rumors soon started circulating around the palace and into the streets of France plus pressure from her mother about getting pregnant, Marie got stressed a lot with Everyone watching her every move and here's where it all started, the parties & Gowns.

Marie Antoinette was the exact opposite of Louis, she loved the night while Louis loved the day, hunting. Louis gave Marie the freedom she wanted. while Marie was out watching opera's In Paris Louis was sleeping in his bed. Marie didn't had any Interest In politics, she can barely write & open the book. but no doubt Marie loved Louis very much.

In the morning Marie would be In her room picking Expensive and beautiful gowns & shoes made from beautiful velvets, silk, & lace, she would sit in her chair with her friends pointing at gowns and shoes, getting them altered while eating at delicious cakes, bonbon's, & truffles piled on one side of the long table Ignoring her social duties as a queen. she's was still a teenager back then prioritizing her image more than her country.
While when the night comes, she would be Inviting people from Paris to her Parties In Versailles Gambling & partying the night away while Louis sleeps (Teenager's really do enjoy partying diba? haha). being the most Fashionable Queen during her reign there was nothing she couldn't afford! Marie had the Widest panel of Gowns & Highest hair up to 3 or 4ft. high! There was even a report of Marie Antoinette wearing her hair 3ft high with a boat on its top!

Everyone who lived In Versailles Lived a comfortable life &wealth, with the smell of roses & clean air all round versailles, Marie didn't know how much the people were hungry outside Versailles.
Again during this time France was already in deep Debt, and marie would lose millions on gambling, & gowns, Marie was cared with a credit card with no limit. Louis would just secretly pay Marie's Debts.and that's why the people started hating Marie Antoinette.

But the truth was Marie Antoinette was innocent, how you may say? well, most entirely Marie Antoinette lived her entire life inside the walls of Versailles. never been out of it's very walls and never been able to even see the sea. so she had no Idea at all what was the reality going on outside. she didn't know how much the people were suffering from starvation. the only life she knew was the beautiful life inside The Versailles, and she thought outside Versailles is but a Paradise like Versailles itself.

Everything got worst when the king (Louis XV
) Died and making Louis Aguste the new king and Marie Antoinette as finally, The Queen of France with her new Title: Her Majesty The Queen of France. and well, Louis had to deal with the Countries problem while Marie Antoinette's Parties got worst. they still don't have a baby. and this was when news spread all over France of the new king's Incompetence in bed, and making up stories such as Marie Antoinette being Promiscuous and having sex with different men. the problem with Marie Antoinette was she never paid any attention to the rumors and would just ignore them, having not a single word to reply on rumors the media even made more dirty pamphlet's about her poisoning the people's minds.

Still France Getting deeper and deeper with Debts, and the price of bread high on steak the people couldn't afford anything. yet Antoinette
keep on spending money. until Marie Antoinette gave birth to their first child, Uh I forgot her name anyway, then giving another birth to her second child.

With Rumors spreading more like a plague about her, people started disliking her, her reputation was at risk, plus the death of her mother, it was too much for Marie Antoinette, that's why she went away from the palace, well not really she was still inside Versailles but not in the palace! she recreated the summer villa into her own personal world where she made her dreams come true at Petit Trianon. It's like Paris hilton on simple life only here Marie Antoinette wanted everything to be simple. Petit Trianon was the place where she could be herself. nobody was allowed inside, not even the king, only her children & girlfriends and servants!. since a queen's life should be public, the public didn't know what was going on inside Petit Trianon and as usual the media then again made sexual pamphlet's about the queen inviting different men into petit Trianon and having sex with girls!. half of this was lies and half was real such as the Queen having an affair with....forgot the guy XD.

The money that was used to build Petit Trianon was enough the feed the people of France. hmmm how much did it cost to make Petit Trianon!? probably millions! and now France is enraged with the queen, while poor and innocent queen was not listening to what the people were saying to her. and so this blog is getting longer and longer. lets skip some chapters! the Queen and king were facing a loadfull of problems too much for a young couple to bare. until the people of France were planning on a revolution and so they march on their way to the Versailles!

The women of France Angrily marched on their way to The Versailles screaming on killing the queen and ripping her open! now that everyone on Versailles know about the revolution some of the royal families started fleeing Versailles but Marie herself wanted to be beside the King. and so until the night came when the mob reached Versailles killing and destroying everything on their path! with everyone outside screaming "Kill the Queen!" the royal family didn't had any choice but to surrender. on the balcony In front of the angry crowd came the ever so graceful queen. bowing and surrendering herself. and for the first time in her life she left Versailles. the next morning as they were leaving Versailles the queen was looking at Versailles, the king ask "are you admiring the bueauty of Versailles?" then the queen happily smiled and said "I'm just saying goodbye". ans so this was the ending on the Sofia Coppola movie for they don't want you to the gruesome ending the royals had to face.

The royal family was then on heavy Guard on their new uncomfortable home, Tuileries Palace In Paris. with the revolution going on. and the Royal way being abolished now Marie Antoinette and the Royal Family are no Royal's but normal citizens like the rest of Paris. and then the moment Marie Antoinette feared the most. one by one the members of the Royal family were one by one gruesomely killed by the mob just outside their prison. It's a pitty for to imagine the beautiful people of Versailles in the poor conditon.

One event when one of Marie Antoinette's close and favorite friend the princesse De Lamballe was dragged out of her prison cell and was gruesomely killed outside by the mob cutting her head and putting it on a stick parading it outside the windows of Marie Antoinette's prison window shouting "come out and kiss the lips of your dear friend!" though Marie Antoinette didn't see the head she fainted as soon as one of the guards told her, her friends heads is being paraded outside her window. imagine the beautiful Princess De Lamballe killed with her beautiful hair swaying as the people parade her head :(. alot of royalties died during the revolution, the beautiful people of Versailles.

The day came when King Louis was convicted with treason and was Beheaded leaving the Queen with a new title "The Widow Capet". Months after the Kings death, Marie Antoinette was now on trial, she was accused of orchestrating orgies in Versailles, sending millions of livres of treasury money to Austria, plotting to kill the Duke of Orléans, incest with her son, declaring her son to be the new king of France and orchestrating the massacre of the Swiss Guards in 1792. but all of this were false lies and they didn't have evidences against her but still she was charged of treason and was set to be beheaded the next morning at 12pm. 2 weeks before her 38th birthday

and so the day came.

Her beautiful ash hair was cut of, wearing nothing but a simple dress, she was sitting on a cart on her way to the scaffold. the people who witnessed said she was like an angel, with her beautiful fair skin her ash hair, and her deep blue eyes! she showed self control and dignity even to the very last moment of her life she didn't show the show that she was scared facing death. she was the ever so beautiful, kind, graceful, poised, & charming Marie Antoinette the people know.


For a more brief Documentary about Marie Antoinette you can it on youtube, here's the link!

To be continued>>>>>>

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