Is christina Aguilera copying Lady GaGa's style?

First of all let's face it, even before Lady GaGa came into the music scene Christina Aguilera was already Blonde, Unique and ever versatile in every album she makes! Ive been reading forums bout her new album "Bionic" and many Lady GaGa fans said she's totally copying Lady GaGa's look, Fashion and even the style of her music! especially since her new music video "Not myself tonight" was realesed alot said she copied Lady GaGa.


-I will admit Im a fan of both Christina Aguilera & Lady GaGa from their first album to their latest I never missed any! and. I dont think she's copying Lady GaGa! well, when I first saw the music vid of "Not myself tonight" the first thing that poped into my mind was "Lady GaGa" you just cant shake off the feeling that you sense Lady GaGa in the the video but I then realized he two of them have different styles in terms of singing and performing!

For me theres this 4 words to describe Christina, Strong, Versatile, Daring, & Sexy!

Strong: It shows in every song she sings! a powerful voice that will break your eardrum!
Versatile: she was a bad girl and dirrty in her album "Stripped" then she become a Glamour girl from the 50's In her album "Back To Basics" and now back from the future in her new album "Bionic"

Daring: She's not afraid of trying new things, and experimenting new looks

Sexy: do I hav to say why?

Christina's not only a singer but also a visual artist, every album she makes is full of excitement! theres endless possibilities off what or who she might be on her next album!

Her new albums about fashion, sex, boys, glamour and vanity! the most exciting album from her so far! A must hear is "Bionic", "Not myself tonight", "Glam", "I hate boys", and my favorite track "Vanity!" this album is no way to describe as something "romantic" like her other albums did but "electrifying", and "Sinful"

Bionic Album Tracks

1.) Bionic
2.) Not Myself Tonight
3.) Woohoo
4.) Elastic Love
5.) Desnudate
6.) Love & Glamour (Intro)
7.) Glam
8.) Prima Donna
9.) Morning Dessert (Intro)
10.) Sex For Breakfast
11.) Lift Me Up
12.) My Heart (Intro)
13.) All I Need
14.) I Am
15.) You Lost Me
16.) I Hate Boys
17.) My Girls
18.) Vanity

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