Haha! XD I just cant believe but it did happen! I TOUCH RAW MEAT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! i guess that's the icky part! but the good part? I learned to Cook Pork Steak! \^O^/
mom is still sick so she cant cook! while dad has to take care of her! with no helper around dad said i had to cook our dinner! but how? i said laughing it out like its a big joke. but he was serious and that he will teach me!..the first part is cleaning the meat haha the raaaww meat! I dont want to touch the meat because its not cooked! and ewwww ><' but I had to touch it to clean it one way or another! Touching the meat just feels like touching a human flesh! got me goosebumps all over my body while cleaning and cutting the meat, left my body tinggling like someone who has epilepsy (dont know If I spelled it correctly :))) to those who haven't touch raw meat yet dont think about the gross part! just think off it as you chopping off your math teachers flesh XDD haha..
The second part is Fighting with the oil that's exploding all over the pan! (the part I hate) and crying while peeling the onions X'C yeah and you have to wait for about 10 minutes or more before putting on the Tomatoe sauce and red pepper! haha
Im happy because the experience was well, a bit draining but I enjoyed! ;D what's more cooler is I served it to mom and dad ala 5 star hotel! haha

I Cut all of this *proud*
The icky icky meat XS
Cooking was not comfortable since splattering oil were attacking me plus the heat of the kitchen!

Viola! Pork Steak the riaru special X3

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