Makati Weekend

Today's weather has actually been nice and i got bored with the same old routine i've been doing at my place so i decided to hit Makati since i missed the place so much! told some friends I'll be coming over and planned to eat somewhere! so here are some of the photos i took today while roaming around greenbelt & glorietta.
IMG_0153 copy first stop was at SPRING Chinese eatery, a small place somewhere around the block near greenbelt. tin recommend we eat here since not a lot of people know the place. when we arrived at the place we were the only customer. tin also recommend i order the maki noodles so it was what i ordered and man was it relish! super tender pork! it was the best! definitely coming back here soon! IMG_0156 copyIMG_0157 copy
my weapon of choice IMG_0159 copy finally was able to wear this boots i bought at forever21 months ago! haha i couldn't find an outfit to match it with but i remembered i had a Versace top that i knew would go nicely with this boots! IMG_0160 copy
tin and kevin IMG_0162 copy
my meal omnomnom i give this food a rating of 10/10 so delish! IMG_0163 copy
the couple taking a photo with kevin wearing my fedora haha IMG_0164 copyIMG_0167 copyIMG_0170 copyIMG_0172 copy
Korean dram stuff going on
IMG_0179 copy
ovcourse I'm wearing something nice might as well take a photo for cookbook IMG_0183 copy back detail of my versace top IMG_0188 copy matched my versace top with a versace necklace replica IMG_0189 copy
i love the chain detail of my boots IMG_0193 copy IMG_0195 copyIMG_0199 copy after eating at spring me and tin wen't to greenbelt to grab some drinks at our favorite stop, Seattle's Best. the place was busting with people, typically greenbelt is only filled with people when it's sunday because of the mass, so i asked tin if it was sunday because a lot of people was in greenbelt. only to find out an australian food fare is going on. we couldn't find any sits in seatle's so we decided to move somewhere but first, i bought my favorite vanilla milkshake in seatle's. YUM IMG_0200 copy IMG_0201 copy This was what's left of the Australian lamb at the place. poor thing haha IMG_0203 copy place busting with people IMG_0204 copyIMG_0205 copy
A very disturbing stuffed baby animal i think at AC+ 632 store. for years i've seen the store sell fur before. well everything in the store is actually awesome but the fur is the only thing i don't like. when i saw the stuffed animal in the window display i thought it was cute and wanted to have one in my room...only if it was not a real animal and it was a stuffed toy. looking at the window display i wondered how the poor thing died. geez. so we wen't to have a look around inside and there was even two fox scarves lying on the sofa. when i touched them i just felt tho tingling sensation. eekkkk we humans are really monsters. IMG_0207 copy wen't window shopping ing glorietta IMG_0208 copy borgy is here! wen't to Vanilla Cupcake to chill good thing this time no mold was in my cupcake. IMG_0212 copy IMG_0213 copy
I'm not used to seeing him dress like this. IMG_0215 copy missed this guy IMG_0216 copy begging for cupcake IMG_0217 I first thought "American Theme Evil Happen" was written ahahahhaa IMG_0218 copyIMG_0221 copyIMG_0222 copyIMG_0223 copyIMG_0225 copy bogy's leaving on a jet plane soon and just like Amelia Earhart he will never be found again. joke borge. IMG_0230 copy SELFIE IMG_0232 copyIMG_0240 copy

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