I barely write on my blog instead i just post pictures of my adventures, but after this post you will be seing alot of writings here in my blog ;D

I have those "wrong grammar" days, it's just that, when i type something i have to type them very fast otherwise those thoughts will disapear on my mind! and everything i write becomes very "scripted" when i pause and think about it. and i always tend to forget to read and correct them before publishing the post, but like screw that! thats me and that's how I write! so ok already? if you don't like my blog fuck you and stop going here ok? and its not like im dumb or i write like i didn't went to highschool.

so ok whatever this blog post is not about writing and shit.

So like my frankfurter classmate Charly (LCI classmate) is back here in ze Phils and this was the only chance i had to hangout with him together with close friends tintin, & sarah, this dinner date was supposed to be a mini LCI reunion but everyone couldn't make it! so it was just me, tin, sarah and charly! bohoooooo i was really expecting everyone would be there >_<'
&<span class=
We went to the Japanese Restaurant Katsu at The Fort (It's beside the now dead Embassy Fly)
all four of us was wearing dark colours, guess we were mourning someone's death!
&<span class=
It's Charlyyyyy~~ alot of things have changed ever since he went back to germany! he got fat and he used to look like a twink pornstar now he looks like a dad haha peace charly! and hey, he was one of the hunks who was choosen to be on Cosmopolitan magazines 2008 Centerfolds! lol~

and his very crazy and a fun person to be with! check out this video of him below to see how crazy he is (and how he used to look some 3 years ago haha)
Dont you agree he used to look like a twink pornstar? lol
&<span class=
And this is sarah, also my LCI classmate! Korean by blood Filipino by heart! she used to be with charly before yes ex-girlfriend but its sooo nice to know they are still good friends even after they broke up! everyone should be like that!.
&<span class=

looks like Charly had so much fun at Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory Haha..
&<span class=
&<span class=
Tintin & Sarah
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Every now and then Charly comes back here in the Philippines just to get new tattoo's this time he has no more space on his two arms for his new tattoo's haha and also he got new tat's! and this time their Anime's~~!!!
Astro Boy!
Voltes V
&<span class=When 2012 started I gained weight and all of my shorts and skinny jeans started to get tight on me and i was like fuuuuuuuuuu~~~
So I started my liquid diet! but then charly treated us to some gyoza and a very delicious Spicy Tuna Roll (below) fuuuuuu~

So ok, i cheated on my diet T^T
But the Maki was so delcious T^T
&<span class=
<span class=
This flower fell on my table
After we had dinner sarah had to leave and charly wanted to go clubbing and parteeeyy but I dont party anymore! so we decided to just chill and hangout back to Charly's condo and he cooked a delicious pasta for me and tin!
<span class=
Charly preparing.
<span class=
<span class=
My eyes are reddddddddd fuuuuuuu~ you lenses!
<span class=
The pasta charly made for us yuuuummmmm it was his personal recipe, grapes were part of that recipe, my first time to eat pasta with grapes on them! and it was delicious nooommm!! so much for my liquid diet!
<span class=
Charly had a very nice chandelier and I was like *good lighting* so yey camwhore moment!
Charly's mommy and daddy soo sweet!
Haha Charly had a huge tummy here so i had to edit them on photoshop hahahaha
Last picture before going home! wished all of my LCI family was here in this picture! well, except that bitch.

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