Ok so like this really ain't a makeup tutorial i was running late to meet friends while I was doing this haha and saw the lighting on my webcam was so nice so I decided to do my makeup on the webcam! 

Has anybody here heard or have used this probably is one of the coolest things the internet has to offer! you can pimp a simple picture by putting this clip arts! well, it also depends on how creative you are on pimping your picture! I love it! some bloggers even use for making outfits! how creative can that be? I think if you have a boring picture or bored in general its nice to go and check its fun! I only wish they have more selections though! the clip arts are very limited :/

In this blog entry you will see how I transform and how I magically morph into something I'm not haha and ow yah! I will be able to do a review on Etude's Easy Brow Pencil :3

The brow pencil I use is from Etude House to me its pretty convenient since I love the metallic packaging and it comes with a brush, also its budget friendly at probably, P115! I have it in 2 shades, brown and dark brown, so I can pick a variation. when I want to emphasize my blonde hair I use the brown, but If I want my brows to look natural I use the dark brown.  

People tell me I have nice thick Eyebrow's. I strongly disagree, its just makeup! I used to have thin eyebrows (Yuck) back in the Vkei days thankgod I grew my eyebrows! so ok les get started
As you can see in this picture Fiction becomes Fact I don't have thick eyebrows, it's all thanks to Etude's Easy brow pencil. 

What I do is thicken my eyebrows as much as possible, I don't know if I'm doing it right or wrong but this is how I do it.
See the Difference? 
After I apply the Brow pencil I use the brush to blend the distribution and to make the brows not too harsh looking. then I use my fingers to smooth the rough edges of my brows.
So there! I have thick eyebrows! and surely, yes, I have a peg for this eyebrows, ever since 2010 I've been doing my eyebrows similar to  James Yutaki . I just melt each and every time I see his eyebrows! they are soo beautifully thick and straight, sadly I can't make my eyebrows straight due to my bone structure. It was later that I found out his eyebrows are also emphasized by makeup. But I wouldn't also say I'm "Copying" someones eyebrows. The reason I'm sticking with my current eyebrows is because I know I look good in them plus before when my eyebrows was soo thin I look like a sick and dying person If I don't apply makeup on my eyebrows. And I like it when girls get super jealous of my gorgeous thick eyebrows Hahahaha. 
This post was suppose to be about and my brows. But since I was doing my makeup while I was doing this, might as well finish and show you how I do my magic! So ok, on the photo above is me brushing my cheeks. I'm not really brushing my cheeks I'm actually contouring my face! I think contouring your face is important otherwise your face would look flat without contours My nose is not flat like others have but I still contour my nose line to emphasize it! then my cheekbones, well, I dont have one so I  fake it! this way my face doesn't look round and shapeless and ow yah here's a tip! when contouring cheeks, don't just put contours on the cheeks but also on the forehead and the area beside your eye's and eye brow! and yah I also sometimes contour my jawline and neck!
Ok so here is my magic, my signature anime eye! hell yeah, only I can do this and no one else can pull this shit haha I'm not gonna tell you how I applied it though! but I like it thick and black, I love this makeup because it pops my eye's specially when I'm wearing circle lens! as you can see on the picture my right eye is sleepy! haha many of my friends are jelous of my eyelids I bet if I go to Japan or Korea they people will be drolling over me eyelids! But I hate them actually! :/ makes me look mataray and rude! baaah dont want that! people say I'm unapproachable. I'm not! :( I'm friendly and i love making new friends! First Impression doesn't alway last you know! Picture2012331145148
And here, Bam!bitch I'm fabulous! haha The magic of makeup! I love putting makeup but I really really really hate removing them ugh! I'll kill anyone who enjoys removing makeup! specially after removing makeup you still see makeup residue's when applying toner! gaaaaahh!!! but all and all its good! still better than looking like shit on photos! right? ;)

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