First of all i'm not a Super Junior fan for my loyalty is for Bigbang & 2ne1. Secondly the reason why i bought this record is because of the album art itself (not because of siwon's half naked body). I love the styling they did on the cover, reminded me of festivals & neon splashes! love love love! so I bought a copy last month and to my surprise i thought a giant booklet would be inside but instead of a huge booklet it was posters, mini posters! there i found out the album itself was inspired from, uh....i dont really know what they call them...those huge CD's from the 60's?
hahA! the tracks are good though! but not my thing! mr. simple & perfection are my only favorite tracks! so to those super junior fanatics out who still doesn't have a copy of their latest album and is planning to buy one soon and are very excited to see what's inside but very disappointed when they saw this "spoiler" post on my blog.....sorry! peace! i just cant help it i need to blog what's inside this awwwesooome record! X3~

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