I was browsing fashion magazines some nights ago when I realized its unfair. Unfair because we have hundreds of stylish fashionistas here, but only the famous ones are lucky enough to be featured in the Fashion magazines here in the Philippines. I know a lot of fashionable people out there who are hard to ignore but are invisible to the Fashion Industry.

Me, personally I always anticipate Preview magazine's
"Best dressed" issue and I don't think I'm the only one who dreams of becoming a "Best dressed" or a "Fashion Icon". We all want to be Best dressed and want people looking up to us regarding our fashion. so suddenly something came up in my mind: why don't I feature some fashionable people i know on my blog so the world could see how awesome they are, fashionably, and how each of them have their own individual style that's different and stands out in a crowd.

So every month I'll be featuring stylish people here in my blog, kinda like Preview Magazine's Best Dressed. a photoshoot with me plus interview. That way I'm not the only one who notices these people but also so that the whole world could see them. I'm excited and will start a photoshoot with my first best dressed tomorrow! one best dressed per month with a style you can't ignore. hopefully some of you might be reading this and who knows? if not next month then maybe you will be on my best dressed list here for my blog soon! ;3


  1. Actually di ko feel yung mga best dressed. Kasi halos pare parehas lang suot nila XD Or maybe that's just me. Pero totoo yung sinabi mo na madami kilala na maganda din manamit na di nakikita :))

  2. that's right, i just have this urge to expose this people like, hello? they should start stepping out of the shadow and into the light XD


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