This is weird but I'm kinda not feeling Philippine Fashion Week this season for some odd reasons, usually I'm prepared weeks before it starts with invites and new outfits but this season I didn't even bothered sewing new outfits or get invites but I had to go and watch, I dunno Designer instincts? a must watch? frankly I don't want to miss. i have to watch atleast 3 shows :3 so yesterday (may 10) i went to watch and to support my prof Gerry Katigbak wearing casual clothes I wear at home accessorizing it with blings. I must say I super loved sir gerry's designs and the fabrics he used so bad I wanna make something out of those fabrics! nyaaaa. but throughout the event though I was sooo dull and lazy! the thing I loved though was seing fashionable people Fashion Friends, and seing old friends (gosh how i missed them T^T) I promise though on this show this saturday (Visions and Trends) I will put an effort to what I'm going to wear ;)

The breathtaking Maria Benipayo ends the Chris Diaz show gracefully walking on the catwalk like joan of arc! fashionably though!

seing old & good friends (my LCI family) Sara, Karl, & Kacci!

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