Whoa! finally it's rest day!after the grueling photoshoot yesterday all i wanted to do was just rest and shot myself from the outer world! keme! but ended up doing errands today!

went to the mall to buy myself a cork board, new issue of PREVIEW and well,


but i went to this ukay shop with really nice stuff! arty lng nila may kamahalan stuff nila. is that still considered ukay? hmmm..

they sell longsleeves at P280!!!!

I got 5 pieces! but ended up buying 2! because money aint enough. imagine that..1k for 5 garments nd all from ukay!? no way highway bitch!

I love the pieces i got though! a mickey mouse top brand as new! and this greyish shirt from the brand rococo thats soo flowy and loose!

check out the details!
uh-huh? working it!

looks super brand new!

Ima go back there next week to buy the rest of the stuff! hope their still there when i get back T^T..

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