We Are The Stray Cats around Ortigas!

A bizarre day to go shopping! even with the unsure weather my plan today was to go to greenhills to buy fake louis vuitton x stephen sprouse stuffs! haha I love Stephen Sprouse! and also to help friend Ichigo buy a new phone \^O^/....but ended up not being able to buy any stephen sprouse stuffs since they sell it at too expensive prices, i mean for a fake keychain why would i spend 1k? its too expensive not even my love for stephen sprouse can hel it :S...so i ended buying necklaces at cheap prices! still great deal!..

After Greenhills we went to Cafe 1771 to check on their place and shit I was blown away by the enterior! yuo guys should go and check it!

and off we went to the newly opened store in SM Megamall, forever 21! they had so many cool clothes for men at friendly prices! starting now i wont shop as much as i did with ZARA anymore! i will start going to FOREVER 21! haha

Jesse's Ash Blonde hair! (looks greenish brown because of the camera flash!)

Cafe 1771! 2nd floor, Uber cool place for a Versailles themed party! I want to celebrate my birthday here!
The restroom in Cafe 1771, it' equiped with aircon!
A furniture that caught my attention inside! its in pink with blue floral details! i sooo want to take this home!
Inside upon entering the interior will blow your mind wanting you not to leave haha

A sailor hat in FOREVER 21 P700+ a must have!

I piece that will haunt me unless i buy it!

Goofing around in FOREVER 21 with ichigo and jesse! "SAILOR BOYS" haha

Accessories I bought in greenhills Steam Punk worthy! (Check out the crown pendant! woohh very Vivienne Westwood)

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