thought nobody will need my help on my vacation!

Vacation is for vacation that's it. you go somewhere far, far beyond the polluted, busy and "no sleeping" metropolis to breathe fresh air, and just forget about worrying and doing your everyday doings. yes, i went to my hometown in Negros Oriental to get a quite vacation on a simple "city". thought the word ''Fashion'' would be something i wont encounter when i go to Negros but instead friends and former classmates began hearing bout me going home to my hometown and started txting me asking for help for their school parties some would ask for style tips on what to wear to specific themed party and some even asked me if i could dress them up! EGAD!!! all i could say was "i have no sewing machine!" or "i dont hav patterns!" kinda stuff! i learned that wherever you go you should always be prepared and expect the unexpected! ;P

Styled for my plus size friend Nathasia on their "Punk" themed party!

Styled for Curvy frnd Angelica (also did her makeup) she wanted to get that "TOPSHOP" look. and sexy Julien were i gave her that "LOOKBOOK" look

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