It's really heartbreaking to see a stylish stuff break in front of you! :'(
me and my mom just had an argument and i got reaaalllly emotional like totally, breakdown mode! ><' to the point where i threw my phone and my skull candy, and yes, none survived my phon beyond repair! and my skullcandy beyond beyond! X'C

and now im missing my phone, its the most stylish and savy phone ive ever had (sigh) off with the fashionable phone and i must endure myself with using an old rotten phone! ugh! of my headphones this means no music to my ears for the moment! shit! its really hard walking on the streets and you hear people talking about you! my headphones was my best asset when going out, when i still had my headphones i couldnt care less of what people say since i couldnt hear them, now i hav to hear and bare with them! :(

ow well its ok ive got two new issues of CURE magazine fresh from japan! yey lovin it~~~ and i asked my frnd to buy me more (specially back issues! ;D) bet your jelous of me right now! ;P

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